We offer a wide variety of hearing services for people with all kinds of needs.

Serving the entirety of the lifespan from childhood to elder life, we also consider a range of hearing needs from everyday life to occupational and specialized listening. In addition to treating hearing conditions, we also help prevent future hearing loss through customized protection.

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Hearing Tests

The first step on the path to comfortable and accurate hearing is to have it tested. Our methods are in step with the latest research and available technology, making the road from hearing loss to assistance an easy one. Testing your hearing will be a painless and brief process with our skilled Audiologist ready to guide you through the process. You will be surprised by the ease and accuracy of our tests, opening you up to a world of possibility with assistive technology.

Vestibular & Balance Testing

Vestibular testing assesses the equilibrium of the inner ear that can have a profound effect on balance or dizziness. Dizziness or true vertigo may be caused by a number of conditions including but not limited to, problems arising from the inner ear, an area in the brain, or from things such as low blood pressure, anxiety, medications, etc. The accuracy and ease of vestibular testing makes it an excellent first course of action for those who experience bouts of dizziness, vertigo, or prolonged nausea.

Hearing Aid Repair

Depending on the care and maintenance, hearing aids can last several years (3-5 years on average). If the hearing aid becomes damaged or begins to work improperly due to debris, moisture, or contact issues, we work hard to do in house repairs or small part replacements for a nominal fee as well as earmold modifications if needed. This can also be useful when a hearing aid repair is needed the same day for travel, work, etc. If we are unable to repair or replace a needed part, we can send it out to be fixed if possible. In any case, we always look to the warranty first to provide our patients with the best possible solution.


The symptoms of tinnitus might include ringing, clicking, popping, and whooshing sounds, and we can help with any type of tinnitus you might experience. Beginning with a hearing test and consultation, we can determine the right course of action to reduce or eliminate the symptoms that may be distracting or causing you discomfort. Though tinnitus may be linked to other health problems, our services can isolate your particular symptoms and design a remedy particular to your experience.

Additional Hearing Services

Custom Hearing Protection

Though musicians most commonly utilize custom hearing protection, they are not alone in the need for preventative auditory health care. Those who work under noisy conditions may also benefit from the high quality and comfort of custom fitted hearing protection. Molded precisely to the outer ear, these devices can be the perfect way to preserve your current level of hearing well into the future, despite exposure to risky sounds.

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing aids are not alone among the range of devices that can help with your hearing. Some of the options available include personal amplifiers, FM systems that use radio technology, infrared systems for maximum privacy, induction loop systems, and a wide range of newer Bluetooth assistive devices.

Cerumen Management & Video Otoscopy

Earwax buildup can be a painful health problem with adverse effects on hearing. Though cleaning is the first remedial course in most cases, more advanced management may be necessary when cerumen builds up to the point of hearing impairment.

Medical technology is quickly advancing in all corners of audiology, and cerumen management is no exception. Mechanical extraction is a popular option in many cases when manual removal is uncomfortable or impossible.

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Custom In-Ear Monitors

Aside from the health-related assistive technology listed above, musicians have special hearing needs that are perfectly suited to the skills and specialization of audiologists. One of the growing fields of live music technology is the use of in-ear monitors on stage. Our wide range of fully customizable and personally fitted in-ear monitors can enable musicians to hear only what they want on stage and with perfect clarity despite loud stage volumes from amplifiers and drums. Come in for a talk with our specialists to discover the range of possibilities and the affordability of many monitors becoming available.